Prada Spring/Summer 2011 Collection

Prada Spring/Summer 2011 Collection, Latest S/S Collection by Prada
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Prada Spring Summer 2011 Collection
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Famous fashion designer Miuccia Prada showcased Spring Summer 2011 collection that was bright and happy at Milano Fashion Week.

There’s nothing understated in the colors, orange, green and royal blue; the stripes, decisively bold; and the patterns, from bananas to cherubs to monkeys. But there are also frills for a more feminine touch.
Miuccia Prada’s skirts are tight-fitting and to the knee, but matched with looser jackets or tops, some echoing the men’s collection presented in the summer with V-necks that evoke doctor shirts. The outfits are paired with wedged sneakers high enough to give basketball court advantage.
The Milan Fashion Week so far has been marked by heavy-ish ready to wear collections that seem to pay little mind to the season for which they’re intended. True, the weather here has been laughably grim for the start of summer, but Prada at least offered clothes that were light, playful, and optimistic, culminating in bright striped cotton sweaters that said it can only get better from here.