Prada Fall 2011 Men’s Collection

Prada Fall 2011 Men's Collection, Parada Menswear 2011 Milan Fashion Week
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Prada Fall 2011 Men's Collection
Prada Fall 2011 Men's Collection
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Prada Fall Collection 2011
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Prada Fall 2011 Men's Collection
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Prada Fall/Winter 2011-12 collections from the catwalks of Milan Fashion Week Miuccia Prada, whose show went against the grain. As a heavy metal soundtrack thrashed in the background, her collection paired striking boxy jackets with roomy pants, tapered t

Prada no season is like the one before. Although her trademark style is minimalist, Miuccia Prada has more fashion ideas than the patterns of a kaleidoscope. Her latest menswear collection presented Sunday introduces a very young customer who likes his coats wide, his pants narrow and his shirts and sweaters shiny. He carries old-fashioned boxy luggage and wears thick-soled leather running shoes. His hair is schoolboy short and his face cleanly shaven.
In the trouser department, the novelty comes in cropped styles including knickerbockers worn with colorful knee socks. When it comes to knitwear, Prada ups the ante offering minimalist styles in sparkling lurex. Silk shirts primly buttoned at the neck and worn without a tie in purple and blue are as shimmery as that of a circus juggler.
Prada also sped up the pace of her once languid shows, with fast track rock music and a brand new stage design. Models marched briskly up and down the metal staircase, which divided the theater into two seating levels and two runways she showcased her Spring/Summer 2011 Collection and got very stunninf response from her fans.