Lamarck 2017 Spring Collection

Lamarck Spring 2017
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Lamarck Spring  2017 Collection
Lamarck 2017 Collection
Lamarck Latest Spring  Collection
Spring  Lamarck 2017 Collection
Spring  Lamarck Latest Collection
Spring  Lamarck Collection
Spring  Lamarck Collection
Spring  Latest Lamarck 2017 Collection
2017 Lamarck Spring  Collection
2017 Spring  Lamarck  Collection
2017 Spring  Lamarck Collection
2017 Lamarck Spring  Collection
2017 Latest Lamarck Spring  Collection
Lamarck 2017  Spring  Collection
2017 Latest Spring  Lamarck Collection
2017 Lamarck Latest Collection
2017 Lamarck Collection
Lamarck Latest 2017 Spring  Collection
2017 Spring  Lamarck Collection
Latest Collection by Lamarck Spring  2017

Lamarck Spring Collection for Fashion show Tokyo 2017

Lamarck‘s Shinsuke Morishita chose to show his spring collection nearly two full months ahead of Tokyo’s official fashion week, which is set to start on Oct. 17 in collaboration with new sponsor Amazon Japan. The designer said he was eager to secure orders from local buyers before they set off on their tour of the world’s major fashion weeks- several other Japanese designers have voiced a similar refrain out of frustration with the late start to Tokyo Fashion Week.For his show on Tuesday, Morishita chose a cafe space with warm wood-like flooring and floor-to-ceiling windows that look out onto the leafy grounds surrounding the home of Japan’s crown prince.

Morishita’s theme for spring was “clear and serene.” He turned out chic, fluid silk jumpsuits and skirts in navy, silver and gold. There were also cropped camisoles, tailored trousers and moto jackets in a slub denim that looked almost like tweed from a distance. There was an abundance of lightweight knits in open, textured patterns that showed patches of bare skin for subtle sex appeal.

The designer played with volume and proportions, showing full, gathered skirts and wide-legged pants alongside tiny cropped camisoles and slim pants. Shirts and blouses often had exaggeratedly long sleeves, sometimes with a flared, handkerchief hem. Overall, it was a solid offering of well-cut, stylish looks with unexpected details such as asymmetrical silhouettes and tufts of fringe. At a time when high-tech fabrics are becoming more and more prominent, Morishita’s use of natural materials such as silk and cotton felt refreshingly appropriate for spring.