Elvis’ Granddaughter Riley Keough Looks So Much Like Mom Lisa Marie Presley in These Glam New Photos

Riley Keough is getting rave reviews for her role in the new movie, Zola, so she’s been hitting the glam squad for all of the press she’s had to do for the film.

On Tuesday, she shared photos of her stunning look for her appearance on Live with Kelly and Ryan and we couldn’t believe how much she looks like her mother, Lisa Marie Presley.

She shares the same shiny caramel-colored hair with soft waves to frame her face. And you can even see glimpses of her grandfather, Elvis Presley, in the shape of her face and nose — those strong genes continue through the Presley line.

You have to believe that Elvis would be so proud of his granddaughter with all of the success she’s had in the acting world.


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During her TV appearance, Keough shared a hilarious story about her recent surprise party for her 32nd birthday.

Husband Ben Smith-Petersen managed to lure her to a Laguna Beach property under the guise of looking at a surfboard from a Craigslist seller.

When they arrived, she was swarmed by her friends and family carrying balloons as the car approached.

“I’m very dressed up right now, but in my everyday life I’m very relaxed with my clothing choices,” she told Ripa and Seacrest.

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“I was pretty much in my pajamas.” The good news is that someone packed a bag full of clothing options so she didn’t have to attend her own birthday party in sleepwear.

Keough has always stayed close to her mother, who helped her navigate the perils of Hollywood and gave her the understanding that her family history carries a lot of weight in the entertainment industry.

The Zola star told The Guardian that her last name can open, but also close doors, for her. “Rejection just makes me work harder to prove myself.” And with her talent and those incredible Presley looks, her career is going to continue to skyrocket.