Nicole Kidman’s Lookalike Niece Makes Rare Statement on ‘nepo baby’ Accusations

Nicole Kidmans Lookalike Niece
Nicole Kidmans Lookalike Niece

Nicole Kidman’s lookalike niece Lucia Hawley has responded to claims that her success in the entertainment world is due to her position as a “nepo baby.”

The 25-year-old, who has often been the source of her aunt’s excitement, has recently started work as a host for Australia’s Seven Network‘s 7Bravo and they’re Live from E! red carpet series.

When she accepted her role as the new host in February, Lucia, the daughter of Nicole’s younger sister, Australian journalist and TV host Antonia Kidman, issued a statement acknowledging how her famous family had certainly helped her gain an interest in pursuing a career surrounded by celebrities.

“Growing up around the entertainment industry, I have watched many Live From E! red carpets over the years and feel so honored to be able to bring my passion for style, entertainment, and celebrities to the role,” she said.

Later that month, in an apparent response to the recent growing interest in the rise of so-called “nepotism babies” in Hollywood and the creative sectors throughout the world, the young actress expressed her own thoughts on the subject in an interview with Australia’s The Sunday Telegraph.

While she admitted: “Having a mum who had been in the industry, through osmosis you gain that perspective and understanding and I think that’s been one of the biggest things that has helped in preparing me for this role, just having watched her and how she has carried herself through everything,” Lucia also insisted: “I’ve been working towards this [job].”

The young host clearly feels it is important to mention that she had to work hard for the part and did not get it because of her known family. She is also unafraid to talk about how much her mother and aunt have inspired her.

“I am so lucky to have them both as role models,” she said later in the interview. “Not only are they amazing at their jobs, but they also have a really strong sense of self and are very intelligent as well.”

During her tenure at The Sunday Telegraph, an aspiring journalist gave advice to others seeking to break into the industry. “Just be enthusiastic — positivity attracts positivity,” Lucia said.