Kelly Clarkson Doesn’t See Herself Getting Married Again After Divorce

Kelly Clarkson
Kelly Clarkson

According to a rumor, Kelly Clarkson is not interested in getting married again after her first marriage ended in divorce.


After a two-year legal struggle over their assets and finances, Clarkson, 40, and her ex-husband Brandon Blackstock, 46, officially divorced in March 2022.

An unnamed source recently revealed in an interview with Us Weekly that following her traumatic divorce, the singer does not see herself getting married again.

The insider stated, “Kelly has made jokes about how she’ll be single forever, but at the same time, she recognizes that forever is a long time.” “Despite the fact that she genuinely has no interest in dating or remarrying, her friends have urged her to at least consider the possibility of doing so. She simply isn’t thinking about it right now.”

After her breakup with the talent manager, the “Kelly Clarkson Show” host is “still in the process of adjusting to her new normal,” the insider continued. River Rose, 8, and Remington, 6, are two of the two children that Clarkson and Blackstock have together.

According to the insider, “She genuinely is loving the single life and all the freedoms that come with it.” “Kelly has complete freedom to come and go and only commits when she believes that it genuinely matches her passions. The only duties she feels are to her children. Nothing before them.”

In an interview earlier this month, Clarkson said she had no interest in getting married since she has had a bad experience with “step-situations” and doesn’t want her children to go through the same. She did, however, state that she was open to falling in love once more.

She admitted on the “Angie Martinez IRL” podcast that she would not be getting married. “As a young child, I experienced a few divorces in my own family. I would adore finding true love. I’d want to meet someone, fall in love, and do all of those things, but I can’t because I have kids.”

The TV host went on to say, “I didn’t have the best experiences with step-situations or remarriage, and my upbringing wasn’t the best either. I won’t subject my kids to it. Although I would want to find love, I don’t want to bring another man into my home where my kids are.”

On the podcast, Clarkson acknowledged that her kids were “very heartbroken” about their parent’s separation. She said that because she had a shattered family, she could identify to them. The “Because of You” singer, though, is certain that she is bringing up independent children.

“I believe I am my mother’s offspring, and I am bringing up kids that are quite independent. As soon as they are able and ready, they will go. They have strong independence, “Regarding her kids, she stated.

After being married to Blackstock for over seven years, Clarkson filed for divorce from him in 2020. The next year, they were deemed to be legally single.

In March of last year, the former couple struck an agreement over their divorce, and Clarkson was awarded their $10.4 million Montana ranch as well as primary custody of their kids.