Carven Ong exclusive interview with DesignerzCentral

Carven Ong Interview
Carven Ong Interview

We talk to the Malaysian Fashion Designer, Carven Ong who is the creator of Carven Ong Couture The Wedding Specialist.

1. Tell me something about your learning history?

Carven received his fashion designing training at Japan New Soen Design College in Ipoh. After winning a contest, he got a job as a designer and cutter for a garment wholesale company in Kuala Lumpur; and lectured part­time in a fashion college.

Carven’spart­time work as a design tutor sparked the entrepreneurial side of him, prompting the establishment of Carven Academy of Fashion in 1991. He started with one student which grew to three and then ten. Carven Academy of Fashion once boasts to three floors or 4,500 square feet of teaching space, 8 lecturers and an average of 60 students at any one time. In addition to teaching fashion designing, it provides students personal skills and field training that allows a better understanding.

In 1995, Carven Ong was one of the fashion designers chosen to retail clothes at MODA Young Designers Gallery in SOGO departmental store, Kuala Lumpur. As his elegant designs continue to attract and gain popularity amongst shoppers, he is the only designer left at the retail space, making him the official couturier of SOGO.

Carven’s SOGO boutique offers two fashion labels: Carven, which features a wide range of office and executive wear and Carven.Sense, an elegant collection of ready-to­wear cocktail and party dresses! These labels are also available at major department stores like Metrojaya, Parkson Grand, Isetan, Debenhams and Tang.

In 2004, Carven established Carven Ong Couture, providing personal consultation on bridal designs and exclusive custom­made wedding and evening gowns. His Couture gown is a dream­come­true for the modern bride, making him a well­known.

After seven years in the bridal business, Carven continues to extend his wings in the Industry this year by setting up Wedding Artists by Carven Ong, a wedding planning agency that create unique wedding memories and events that are based on each couple’s individual personalities and styles.

2. What is your philosophy regarding the art of fashion?

My client should feel comfortable in my designs. It may beoffice wear, casual dress or even couture as long as they cancarry the garments confidently.

3. Your label defines?

I want people to associate my brands with comfort, style and elegance.

4. Do you have jewelry and accessories line?

Not at the moment. I can see myself venturing into this field.

5. When did you start men wear clothing?

I started with my ladies wear label at 1995. There are so many opportunities in this field that I have not crossed over into menswear yet.

6.Do you offer PRET Line for the middle class people?

My brands cater to women of various tastes and income

7. What skill do you think are necessary to become afashion designer?

Passion and the understanding of female contours.Patience, creativity with an eye on practicality, experience.

8. So it is not only about being creative?

Part of it is about being creative but if you’re creativewithout a holistic view of fashion, that is, knowing thedifference between the artistic and commercial aspects, youwill not get anywhere.

9. Who inspired you to come in this field?

My sister, she helped me a lot and I am indebted to her.

10. What is the importance of innovation in fashion?

Innovation makes the fashion industry evolve in so manyways. I personally think that fashion comes down to individual self-expression.

11. In the recent years, a lot of new designers are coming. Doyou think it will saturate the market or is it a good signfor fashion industry?

It is a good sign for the industry because I believe new talentalways has new ideas. Together they can help the localfashion industry to a greater height.

12. Do you believe in fate? Is fate important for highrankings in this field?

Yes. But I do not rely 100% on it because a person shoulddetermine his or her own destiny.

13. What do you do in your spare time?

I go to the gym, jog and read a lot of the latest news as Ilike to keep myself updated with the current trends etc.

14. Dress makes a man or a man makes a dress?

It can go both ways, as confidence is the main key forsomeone to carry an outfit well enough in public.

15. What advice will you give to the upcoming designers?

Be confident and innovative as well as being true toyourself. Make a mark and set goals on what you wantto achieve in the fashion industry.

16. Who are your favorite photographers?

Kai Z Feng, Mario Testino. In Malaysia, there are many talented photographers that I admire.

17. What is the latest fashion purchase?

Colorful garments, chunky accessories, silver/gold

18. Favorite female model?

Kate Moss

19. Favorite make artist for your shoots?

Too many to name!

20. Which city of the world is the best for fashion industry?

Paris, as the creative lab for fashion. The researches always cutting edge, the execution and presentation, always impressive and held toquality of highest standards.